Tingcore develops the technology when Fortum and Bonava collaborate on Smart Homes

The energy group Fortum and the property company Bonava has launched a commercial collaboration with the purpose to develop different services to Smart Homes. The solution is based on technologies developed by Tingcore, part of the Fortum Group, and is planned to be ready to be installed in the first homes at the end of 2017.

The partnership is a result of a pilot project of Smart Energy in the new residential area Royal Seaport of Stockholm, where Bonava is one of the developers.

The smart home includes energy visualization and control of electricity, water, heating and the ability to control lighting, appliances and power outlets. The solution will also contain the alarm for burglary, fire and flood. Using a tablet on the wall, or a mobile phone, the user will have full control of their home and be able to control it.

Tingcore is in rapid development, both related to Smart Home technology and other services with a focus on efficient energy management, energy monitoring, charging stations for cars and modern robotics.

The company expects to continue to recruit qualified development employees during 2017.