Tingcore participates in Virtual Power Plants

Tingcore is engaged as a provider of software in the project “Virtual Power Plants” (“Virtuella kraftverk”), driven by the energy group Fortum and the Swedish national grid company Svenska kraftnät.

The project includes nearly 100 homes in the Stockholm area. It is based on optimizing the production of hot water, where the surplus can be sold for other purposes on the electricity market. It is the first time in Sweden that electricity consumption is optimized in this way under real conditions.

Fortum and Svenska kraftnät expects that a smarter distribution of electricity will lead to efficiently and better use of resources.

– This is a practical application developed by Fortum and coded by Tingcore – it is our ambition to work with smart and effective energy management including the housing sector, said Johan Ander, CEO of Tingcore, which is a company in the Fortum Group.